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About our company LEW MOTO

It is an advanced system for making precise parts of diesel and hydraulic apparatus. OKUMA Multus CNC Machining Center guarantees correct and precise manufacturing of complex part shapes and parts. Measurement of precision parts is carried out using equipment of leading world companies such as MASI, TESA, MITUTOYO, CITIZEN, MAHR. Our company LEW MOTO has the ability to measure with an accuracy of 0.0005 mm (0.5 um) in air-conditioned assembly.

The parts go through a number of technological treatments in order to achieve the greatest strength and extend their service life in harsh working conditions. Our many years of experience and observation of the operation of repaired subassemblies have contributed to the achievement of very good parameters exceeding standard performance. Our customers included: Railroad Rolling Stock Works (ZNTK), Agricultural Mechanization Works (ZNMR), Engine Repair Works, ARMATORS – MARITIME TRANSPORT.


Diesel apparatus

Our repairs to diesel components involve the elimination of all serviceable and damaged parts. These mainly include all moving parts subject to high pressures and rotating (spinning) parts that distribute the dose of fuel to individual cylinders.

These are the most responsible parts and the efficiency of the engines depends on them. For this reason, our parts which we use in repairs are usually characterized by improved service life as for special executions. For this purpose, we use separate materials which are the highest quality steels, which after machining on CNC machines (detail execution) are subjected to thermal and chemical processes such as vacuum hardening, carburizing, nitriding etc. This is the first part of the process, because the next stage is precision grinding and making a fit – mating new precision pairs (very tight moving parts). Some of these parts are subjected to additional processes in which they gain a protective coating of titanium TiN or special technical chromium CR 1000HV, FuturaNano Futura Nano and other related. Wherever the service life of parts is limited, our company LEW MOTO applies technical solutions in production and repair processes that lead to increased durability and prolonged service life of strategic parts exposed to wear.

The next group of parts found in diesel components are drive shafts, power pumps and gears, control valves, rollers and pins, roller tappets, injection tips, springs and solenoids of various types, as well as specialized seals – repair kits. All these parts are replaced according to the type of repaired Diesel or hydraulic component.
In the final stage of repair of diesel equipment and hydraulic components tests are carried out on control and measuring stands. Tests are based on full control of operation of subassemblies under changing loads and checking their characteristics. LEW MOTO company test stands for: HEUI CAT pump-injectors, HEUI Diesel pumps, Cummins CAPS, CAPS-II, CAT Common Rail pumps, Delphi pumps (DMCI), Delphi DP 200, 210, 310, Yanmar, ZEXEL, KUBOTA, BOSCH, JCB, KOMATSU, Perkins, Lombardia Lombardini, Ferguson Mass, DEUTZ, STANADYNE.


Our department

performs repairs, diagnostics and tests of DIESEL equipment as well as CAT HEUI injectors and pump-injectors integrated in the system. Repairs at LEW MOTO are performed in special conditions, maintaining cleanliness standards in air-conditioned rooms with the use of the most advanced diagnostic and measuring stations, including HARTRIDGE AVM2PC, HYBRYD ULTRA, TOLEDO HEUI, BOSCH EPS.
are: inline piston pumps used for main engines, auxiliary inline piston and rotary pumps and cartridge pumps with third-party drive, HEUI pump-injectors including pumps, all kinds of pumps for generators and compressors, as well as engines driving water pumps. At the same time with Diesel pumps the integral unit are injectors, which are the final element of fuel injection. We repair all types of mechanical and electronically controlled Common Rail injectors (CAT, DENSO, BOSCH, STANADYNE), all inline and rotary pumps such as: BOSCH, CAV, DELPHI, PERKINS, YANMAR, ZEXEL, STANADYNE.

The scope of our services includes: tractors, construction machines, loading machines, cranes and overhead cranes, heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, commercial vehicles, locomotives – rolling stock. LEW MOTO performs a wide range of repairs and offers factory rebuilds of DIESEL fuel apparatus.

We provide fast shipping through reliable courier companies.

They are components of power hydraulics responsible for the control of cooperating elements of the integral power hydraulics of machines and equipment.
These are small-sized modules (cube-shaped) with matching needles or small spools, most often mounted directly on the hydraulic pumps. They are the key to the proper functioning of the other related elements.
These pumps have rolling elements with variable displacement. The pumps are used in connection with work units or execution devices which are subjected to variable loads. Due to their flexibility of operation, they are used in a wide range of work equipment machines.
Diesel and hydraulic apparatus and component repairs involving technological rebuilding using high quality materials and test and measurement stations.

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